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Who We Are

Kelzyme® was founded in the 1980s and trademarked in the 1990s under different names to mine, license, test and market the deposit of fossilized sea kelp discovered in Northern Nevada. Since then, Kelzyme has grown as a company and now makes its unique product available to commercial agricultural growers and home gardeners looking for a simple and organic alternative. The Kelzyme® offices are located in Brooklyn, New York & Mill City, Nevada with our production facilities in Northern Nevada.

Our unique and all-natural mineralized deposit is sold around the world, including Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Canada, and the United States.

The  Kelzyme® Management Team

Nick Taulbee
Director of Mining Operations North America

Nick has been involved with the mining and heavy construction industry for the last 25 years. He has acted as CEO of heavy civil construction companies, where he acquired his extensive experience in management, mining and EMS. Nick specializes in developing and implementing manufacturing systems and strategizing production efficiencies. At Kelzyme®, he is involved at all levels of production, planning and operations at the mine site.

Contact Nick via email at info@kelzyme.com

Stinamarie Marshall
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America

Stinamarie Marshall joined the company in 2021 and has helped develop both the element XX and CaFe brands to reach a wider audience and educate consumers on the importance of Organic regenerative farming and agriculture, soil health, and raising livestock responsibly.

For all North America inquiries please contact Stinamarie at TryKelzyme@gmail.com or direct at (408) 430-6527

Ayaz Shah

Vice President of International Sales

Based out of Canada, Ayaz's experience with Kelzyme is extensive, and he is your go-to person for International Sales with any of our products.

For all international inquiries, please contact Ayaz at info@frylow.com or direct at 250-389-2931


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