100% Natural Kelzyme™ CaFe is a unique product of nature, and one of its most significant nutrient components is calcium. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ CaFe contains a guaranteed minimum of 35% calcium, which is vital for the growth and development of plants. Plants require a panel of essential elements in the root zone. One of the most critical to plant development and also one required in the largest quantity is calcium. A calcium deficiency may often result in poor root and shoot growth. It can also cause necrosis on leaves and abnormal development of growing points or terminal buds. Conversely, calcium enhances plant, root and shoot growth. The product comes in two forms; Micronized and Granular.

Our Micronized version is 400 times the size of a red blood cell and is ideal for hydroponics, foliar and top soil application, or added to water when germinating seeds.

Our Granular version is straight from the Earth, in a chunkier form and has a natural time release when watered. This is ideal for amending soil before planting, transplanting, and top soil application.

“Finding Kelzyme for my garden has been a dream come true. It’s easy, convenient and a one product fits all solution to so many of the issues I face with my garden. It has made my life easy and full of delicious produce!”

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