Best Soil Amendments on the Market? Kelzyme.

To better understand why Kelzyme is one of the best soil amendments around, we have to better understand what exactly Kelzyme is. So let’s dive deeper…

…Into the ocean that is. The uniqueness of 100% Natural Kelzyme™ traces back millions of years over which time nutrient-rich sea kelp and various forms of marine life thrived and subsequently fossilized. This ancient marine life was rich in life-supporting minerals, plant growth stimulants and cytokinins. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ is sourced from a designated single area in northern Nevada. The site of this ancient sea kelp bed containing those nutrient-rich, fossilized remains. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ is an OMRI-listed and CDFA Organic Input Material (OIM)-registered calcium-rich mineral composite, making it one of the best soil amendments on the planet.

At Kelzyme® Research & Development, we believe in the stewardship of Mother Nature. As such, we take pride in providing natural, sustainable products to our customers, enabling nature to give back to nature. It’s a huge reason why Kelzyme is one of the best soil amendments you can possibly use for plants and soils of all types.

100% Natural Kelzyme™ is a unique product of nature, and one of its most significant nutrient components is calcium. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ contains a guaranteed minimum of 35% calcium, which is vital for the growth and development of plants. Plants require a panel of essential elements in the root zone. One of the most critical to plant development and also one required in the largest quantity is calcium. A calcium deficiency may often result in poor root and shoot growth. It can also cause necrosis on leaves and abnormal development of growing points or terminal buds. Conversely, calcium enhances plant, root and shoot growth.

Calcium is an integral part of plant cell wall structure and builds strong stems and leaves.

When calcium is taken up by the plant, it forms pectin, a structural heteropolysaccharide contained in the primary cell walls of plants. In essence, calcium is the structure that binds cell walls together. This creates a strong and healthy plant, which is why Kelzyme is one of the best soil amendments on the market. As calcium is not easily redeployed from one area of the plant to another, a steady supply of calcium is necessary throughout the life of the plant to strengthen its vascular system. It also helps produce thicker and stronger stems and promote new growth at the growing tips. If the plant has a healthy vascular system, it is able to more efficiently take up water and other essential minerals. The results? A stronger, more disease-resistant, stress-resistant plant. This provides a more bountiful and healthy crop.

In fruiting crops specifically, a bump in the supply of calcium (and nitrogen & magnesium) early in the plant’s life is often suggested to promote and establish good plant structure and vegetative growth. [Note: often and especially in the later transition between vegetative growth and flowering and fruit set, a bump in the rate of potassium is often suggested]. Calcium in the plant is also an activator for a number of plant growth-regulating enzyme systems, helps convert nitrate-nitrogen into forms needed for protein formation and also serves as an intracellular messenger.

Included in the unique profile of Kelzyme is a variety of other nutrients including iron with a guaranteed minimum of 0.15%. Iron is vitally important in the manufacturing process of chlorophyll and is also required for certain enzyme functions. Other benefits include natural plant growth substances with cytokinin-like properties which have been correlated to increased chlorophyll concentrations in plant tissue – particularly the cotyledons. Additionally, cytokinins promote cell division or cytokinesis in plant roots and shoots and also support bud growth. Furthermore, cytokinins have been demonstrated to play a positive role in increased plant immunity. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ also contains a spectrum of other beneficial and necessary minerals in trace quantities. Some of which include boron, copper, chloride, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, nitrogen, potassium, silicon, sulfur and zinc.

A healthy soil profile is critical for a healthy plant, which is why having the best soil amendments is important.  100% Natural Kelzyme™, in addition to feeding the plant, also supports and feeds the soil which in turn helps nourish the plant. 100% Natural Kelzyme™ flocculates clay and organic matter particles, leading to proper soil porosity, soil aeration and soil drainage. Each of which support the beneficial biology of the soil complex, aerobic by nature. Additionally, the beneficial soil biology is further nourished by feeding heavily upon the calcium supplied by 100% Natural Kelzyme™. And lastly, 100% Natural Kelzyme™ neutralizes acid soils which otherwise can be injurious to optimal plant and soil health. The net result is a product of nature, that gives back to nature by promoting healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy crops.

100% Natural Kelzyme™ fosters vigorous and beautiful plants, robust fruits and vegetables and lush turf. It is ideally suited for vegetables, fruits, citrus, flowers, buds, shrubs, trees, orchards, vineyards, turf, nut, row and field crops.

100% Natural Kelzyme™ is available in two forms: Micronized and Granular. 

Both the Micronized and Granular forms can be utilized in traditional soil media. The Micronized form will work quicker while the Granular form offers slower, more residual activity spanning many months. The Granular version can even span into later growing season(s) depending upon the rate used. Either form –the Micronized and the Granular—can be applied both indoors and outdoors any time of the year before or after planting and throughout the growing season.

So no matter what you’re growing, do yourself a favor and grab some Kelzyme because it truly is one of the best soil amendments on the planet.

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